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Why Choose [flyIndie] ?

Fast Delivery

In most cases, we can get your music live on the digital stores within a matter of hours.

Monthly Reports & Payouts

Every month we'll send you a report of your sales/streams, and pay your royalties directly into your bank account.

Competitive Pricing

We don't charge upfront, or recurring fees. We simply charge you a 15% commission on your royalties.

About The Company

Launched in 2009, LABEL X MUSIC GROUP (LXMG) is a UK based global distributor of digital music.
In 2018, we launched the [flyIndie] brand, in an effort to help independent labels & artists distribute their music worldwide, and get paid the royalties they deserve.
Join us today, and watch your music reach the corners of the earth.

Read Some of our Reviews Below:

  • Our Label was having issues with our previous aggregator. We're grateful for the professionalism and service received from [flyIndie].

  • I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome. My music is available to stream everywhere, and I'm getting new fans everyday.

  • You're not going to go wrong partnering with [flyIndie] - the guys over there are a pleasure to work with!!!

What We Can Do For You ?

Fair Deal

We won't charge your upfront / recurring fees. We will take a 15% from your monthly payout.

Distribution Terms

Unlimited - non exclusive delivery to all, or selected digital retailers. Unlimited & free modifications and takedowns.

Monthly Reporting

From your initial delivery, it will take three months to receive your first report, followed by monthly reports & payouts.

Monthly Bank Transfers

To save on fees, we pay your royalties directly into your bank account, whether you're in the UK, or abroad.

Mastered for iTunes

We can deliver your music to Apple in HQ 24bit 96kHz - giving you the MFiT badge.

Fast Support

Have any issues. We're happy to help you with any queries you may have. 24/5/365

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Check out the answers to our most asked questions.

We can deliver your music to:
iTunes | Apple Music | Spotify | Amazon | Google Play Music | Shazam | Deezer | Tidal | SoundCloud | VEVO | Facebook | Dubset
Although our services are tailored to Labels / Distributors, you can sign up as an artist (subject to meeting our eligibility critera). Don't worry, we just want to ensure you have a track record of sales/streams.
Just click on the Get Started button at the top of this page, which will take you to a sign up form. We'll then review your Label's information, and get you onboarded. This should take no longer than 24 hours. (often quicker)
Absolutely, we don't lock you in to a long contract, so you are free to takedown your content and leave at any time. As champions of independent music, we'd never want to lock you in and prevent you from taking control of your music.

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